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How to Capitalize on Sports Tourism

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Innovative Ways to Capitalize on Sports Tourism

Sports tourism refers to people traveling and vacationing to destinations specifically for sports, whether that be playing it or following a team for a major event. Being prepared to capitalize on a potential influx of customers, clients or fans is essential, and at the Sports Facilities Advisory, we have the experience to offer you guidance.

The Benefits of Sports Tourism

Making the most of sports tourism comes with a list of benefits, whether you own or are planning to open a sports facility. Perhaps the most obvious one is financial. Being able to capture a whole new market, even if only a temporary one, can lead to a significant increase in profit.
Though the short-term financial benefit is certainly desirable, it also has the potential to foster more long-term use of your facility within the community. Increasing the popularity of a sport or leisure activity in the area you serve not only appeals to those traveling there to enjoy it, but it is also a prime opportunity to target local enthusiasts who were previously unaware of you and turn them into regular users.
On a wider scale, keeping up with new trends in sports tourism and creating an increase in new visitors also brings the potential for greater general tourism for the area. Outside of growing your own operation, tourism is a key element of supporting and revitalizing a community.

Know Your Sports and Seasons

If you are looking to make the most of sports tourism, you need to know sporting seasons, as well as how they affect the general popularity of a given sport. Although this offers a steady way to stay on top of trends, you should also be aware of new and upcoming popular sports and hobbies, where they are appearing, where they are gathering the most momentum and how you can make use of them.
This can go beyond simply putting more emphasis on football during football season, or basketball during basketball season, and so on. Instead, a good idea is to watch global events, as well as events in your own country. For example, while holding football games or events during U.S. football season is a safe bet in terms of increasing your numbers, putting a bigger emphasis on soccer during the World Cup – wherever it is being held at the time – could also lead to a similar increase.

Know Your Tourists

Anyone running a service knows how important it is to know their customers. If you own or run a fitness center, you need to know your users. If you own or run a sporting venue, you need to know the fans. Knowing what people like, love and expect is a vital part of providing a service and creating loyalty.
People who take part in sports tourism share similar characteristics with many fanbases and hobbyists. Die-hard fans of a particular sport will travel far and wide, sometimes even across the globe, to see their team or athlete. Making the facility user-friendly enhances an already exciting experience, cementing your location as part of the memory.
Make sure that you can cater for every aspect of whatever that sport or activity is be prepared for as many requests as you can research, and make sure you and your staff are knowledgeable and able to help.

Sports Tourism and Sports Facilities Advisory

We have a strong history of dealing with sports tourism, and we are always ready to help. Contact the Sports Facilities Advisory today if you have any questions or just need some guidance.

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