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Facility Management Services: Recruiting Former Athletes

Facility management services and hiring former athletes.

Facility Management Services Advice on Recruiting Former Athletes

Sports Facilities Management is a leader in the facility management services industry. With our extensive experience in providing facility management services for countless sports complexes, we have seen the immense variety of staff employed at facilities across the US.
For sports complexes and facilities, we have found that recruiting former athletes is one of the most beneficial things you can do, both for your facility and for those who use it. In this blog, we are bringing our facility management services experience to you to talk about recruiting former athletes.

Athletic Drive

Competition, goal-focus, and pure drive are all important when it comes to being a professional athlete. The vast majority of former athletes will take these things with them when they retire, and can potentially bring them to your staff.
Whether they were a college athlete who had to bow out due to an injury, or an older professional who retired but is looking to coach the next generation, that athletic drive brings a vital energy to your workforce.

Resilience and Responsibility

With an athletic drive often comes a resilience and a sense of responsibility to a job, not to mention a team. The importance of being a functioning part of a larger whole is not lost on former athletes, who are often more than aware of their responsibility to everyone they work with. Along with a sense of responsibility, former athletes are often equipped with a resilience they honed on the pitch, court or playing field.

Balancing Home and Work Responsibilities

When it comes to finding the right balance between work and personal life, former athletes often come with their own unique brand of experience. Former college athletes, for example, are more than used to having to deftly balance two different sets of responsibilities – academic pursuits and sports. Both require a high level of dedication and commitment, and both need planning and time management. These are skills that are essential as part of a good workforce.

Coaching With Real Experience

Of course, perhaps the biggest benefit for facility managers and companies that provide facility management services is experience. Former athletes know what drives them, and they understand the passion and discipline that leads to great performance.
This is something that they can bring to the people who use your sports complex. Youth training programs can especially benefit from the experience of a former athlete offering them real guidance on their game, and real encouragement when they need it most.

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