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Facility Management: Should I choose Full or Part-Time Employees?

Facility Management: Full-Time versus Part-Time Workers

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One of the most important aspects of facility management is how you recruit and develop your staff. When deciding how you would like to staff your facility, one key question will come up. Should I hire full-time or part-time employees? The answer is complicated and both types have pros and cons. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both positions to help you decide which is right for your sports business.

Part-Time Employees

Part-time employees are workers who commonly work less than 30 hours per week. Generally, part-time employees will be an excellent staffing option for small businesses due to their potential for flexibility and cost savings. Part-time employment will open you possible recruiting to college students as well as recently “retired” employees looking to make some money on the side. These employees generally demand less in wage and benefit requirements, saving your business in facility management employment costs. This can often result in your business being able to afford a larger staff, providing you with flexibility when scheduling shifts.
Some of the downsides of hiring part-time employees are that they often hold more than one job or are currently in school. This means possible competition for time and loyalty. Scheduling for part-time employees can be more complicated as you often must schedule around their other activities. You can also suddenly lose part-time employees if they are offered full-time employment, which can lead to a retention problem.

Full-Time Employees

Full-time employees are generally considered to be those scheduled to work 40 hours per week. Full-time employees are more likely to develop company loyalty and a sense of ownership in the business. Often, this results in workers who are more dedicated and hard-working. Full-time employees are often more likely to only hold one job, giving your business more control over their time. Full-time employees often provide you with a sense of security that they can handle your business in your absence.
Some of the disadvantages of a full-time staff may outweigh the above benefits, however. For instance, the hiring process for full-time employees is generally more rigorous and expensive. In addition, wage costs and employee benefits will drive up the average price of your staff, and hiring full-time employees will require you to face the burden of payroll taxes. It is important to weigh these positives and negatives when planning your facility management budget.

In Need of Facility Management Assistance?

Sports Facility Management has assisted hundreds of sports-related businesses in their facility management. Whether through staff recruitment and development, or facility planning and advising, SFM can get your business to where it needs to be. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at 727.877.1791 to learn more.

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