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Community Center: The Benefits Of An Indoor Pool

The Benefits Of An Indoor Pool For A Community Center

Family enjoying the indoor pool at their local community center
In our last blog post, SFA discussed the benefits of outdoor pools. While there are many benefits to an outdoor pool, there are also many benefits to an indoor pool. This decision might not seem that important, but don’t forget that much of the revenue for a community center comes from their pool.
There are many benefits to an outdoor pool, but in today’s post, we’ll wrap up this short blog series discussing the benefits of an indoor pool. Indoor pools are a more comprehensive venture, but SFA believes that it can be a worthwhile venture for your community center.

Year-Round Access

Arguably, the most important benefit of an outdoor pool was the open environment. However, during the fall and winter seasons, outdoor pools must be shut down. With an indoor pool, your community center can host swimmers all year long, which opens up opportunities for after-school youth programs and events that wouldn’t be available for an indoor pool.
That’s not to mention the fact that winter shuts down other fun activities, which means that your community center will have one of the few remaining attractions that are open in the winter. Being open all year will allow you to benefit from having a pool for more than just a few months.

Easier To Maintain

Another thing that indoor pools bring to the table is easy maintenance. Outdoor pools must face the elements, day in and day out. Leaves, grass, dirt, and even rain can contaminate an outdoor pool. An indoor pool, however, gives your community center more control over what is put into the water. You won’t have to worry about animals or plant life finding their way into your pool when it has a roof over it.
It is also easier to maintain because you won’t have to close it for eight months every year. You won’t have to set up tarps and clean up debris. Your indoor pool will be ready to go from January through December.

Temperature Control

While we want to encourage you to get outside during the beautiful days of spring and summer, it can get pretty hot during those months. Swimming cools you off, but you still run the risk of getting sunburnt, and during extreme temperatures, the pool won’t be very brisk. Indoor pools allow you to control temperatures of both the room and the water.

Contact SFA For Help With Your Community Center Pool

There is a good chance that the pool is the focal point of your community center. If that is true, you want to give your swimmers the best experience possible. An indoor pool allows you to control many of the variables that you can’t control outdoors. For further help, give SFA a call at (727) 483-7910 or contact us online today.

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