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Development Funding for a College Recreation Center

Development Funding for College Rec Center

Methods of Development Funding for College Recreation Centers

A campus recreation center is a huge draw for students. With more and more colleges building extravagant recreation centers, colleges who haven’t made the jump may be feeling the pressure. The problem is, where do you find the funds for such endeavors. Luckily, there are various forms of development funding for college recreation centers, and there’s bound to be a method that works best for your college.
Today, Sports Facilities Management will be looking into some of these development funding methods and weighing the benefits of each. Remember, each college’s situation is different, so trust the experts at Sports Facilities Management to guide you through the funding process.

Student Fees

One of the most common methods of development funding is student fees. When making plans for a new recreation center, you can inform the student body of the plans. You can then allow them to vote on the proposition, meaning they can decide if they want the recreation center built or not. Typically, students are very open to contributing to a new recreation center. Depending on the number of students, fees for the new recreation center could be as little as $15 a semester.

Outside Memberships

Another popular method of development funding is allowing members of the community or alumni of the university to join the recreation center for a membership fee. If you have good facilities, a non-student might be more inclined to join the recreation center than their local gym. This also helps to cover operating costs over summer and times when not as many students are attending.


A unique way to get development funding is to offer local and even national businesses sponsorship opportunities. You can set up a contract with these companies that allows you to receive funding and allows them to advertise their products to a diverse market of college students. This is a win-win for both parties. A good sponsor partnership can last for years to come and even open up other opportunities for your college in the future.

Let Sports Facilities Management Guide You Through Development Funding

There are many more sources of development funding we haven’t touched on here, such as donations, fundraising, and more. Each unique situation requires a unique development funding process. Sports Facilities Management excels in helping colleges find a way of funding their recreation center that works best for their needs. For more information contact us today or view the Sports Facilities Management website.

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