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Does a College Recreation Center Bring in New Students?

Recreation Center & New Students

Bringing in New Students with a College Recreation Center

Recruiting students has become more than just offering them great education programs. Today, students are looking into what extra facilities and perks potential colleges can offer them. In particular, a great recreation center has become an essential element of what a student considers important in their college.
A study by NIRSA revealed 68% of students reported that the campus recreation center influenced their decision. With these staggering numbers in mind, it’s no wonder college recreation centers continue to be bigger and better. Today, Sports Facilities Management will go into why these recreation facilities are such an important factor for students.

The Opportunity to Improve

Students go to college with the mindset of developing themselves into the person they want to be in their adult life. They major in what they’re interested in so they can have a job in a field they want to go into. Not only do these students want to increase their skills and improve mentally, they will likely want to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle to get the most out of their college experience. A quality college recreation center allows students to do this.

The Social Aspect

College students are looking to participate and interact with other students. A recreation center allows these like-minded individuals to have a common ground to participate in fitness classes, sports, and workout together.


An on-campus recreation center gives students the opportunity to have their gym close to their classes and dormitories. Active students who are looking at potential colleges will want their gym as close as possible so they can workout at their leisure.

Employment Opportunities

Students will also be looking at places where they can be employed on campus. College recreation facilities can offer these students full-time, part-time, or work-study jobs. This is another big factor for students, especially those looking into majoring in health, athletics, or nutrition.

A Status Symbol

Students want to go to a college they can be proud of. It may be a bit of a superficial factor, but the fact is a fantastic recreation center gives students bragging rights. They want to say how great their college is and how it has amazing facilities.

Let Us Help With Your College Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Management specialized in recreation center planning and implementation. When you work with Sports Facilities Management you’re working with a sports industry leader who knows what you need to open a successful college recreation center. For more information contact us today or view the Sports Facilities Management website.

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