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Designing Non-Sports-Related Amenities at Your Sports Complex

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Designing Non-Sports-Related Amenities at Your Sports Complex

Today, successful sports facilities do not depend solely on their athletic facilities for revenue. With the right design goals, a sports complex can become the must-visit entertainment destination in your community. Learn about some of the non-sports-related amenities you can include in your sports complex to ensure your facility brings in the most visitors.

Amenities That Your Sports Complex Should Include

Many new sports complex designers are learning that non-sports-related amenities can make up a huge portion of their potential revenue. With the popularity of youth sports, facilities that offer accoutrements to keep parents in the complex can be a huge source of revenue. Some of the amenities that can be a big hit at your sports complex include:

  • Restaurant – What better way to both serve your customers and improve your facilities potential revenue than an on-site restaurant? Not only can you give parents a place to sit and have a drink during their child’s practice, many families like to get dinner together afterward.
  • Arcade – Not every attraction at a sports complex needs to be focused on athletics. An arcade can be an excellent draw for people of all ages and backgrounds. Video games and arcades are no longer a niche hobby played solely by teenagers. Video games and arcades are now big business and many sports complex designers have turned to arcades to tap into this ever-growing market.
  • Soft-play areas – Soft-play areas are a great way to attract families with younger children to your sports complex. Features like ball pits, tunnels, slides, and rope courses will keep young kids engaged and entertained. This is a great way to get families to your facility for their children’s birthday parties.
  • Corporate Meeting Rooms – Many sports complex designers are including corporate meeting rooms into their design plans. A corporate meeting room may not be the first thing someone thinks about at a sports complex, but with the right marketing, you can ensure your sports complex is the team-building destination of your community.

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