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Dealing with Reviews for Your Sports Complex – Part 1: Good Reviews

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Dealing with Reviews for Your Sports Complex – Part 1: Good Reviews

In a previous blog, we talked about why reputation management is essential for sports facilities and recreation centers. One aspect of reputation management we touched on was responding to reviews. This is extremely important because it shows customers you are paying attention to what they want and that you care about their experience. In our two-part blog series, we will discuss how to respond to reviews, both good and bad. Today, we will focus on responding to good reviews.

Responding to Good Reviews

When people think about responding to reviews of their business, they usually think they only need to respond to the bad reviews. While responding to bad reviews is of the utmost importance — something we will go over in part two — they are not the only reviews you should respond to.
Responding to good reviews is great for business. It is a good way to show your guests that you appreciate their patronage and that you care about them. Also, responding to good reviews is generally easy and does not take much time. Here are some ways you can respond to good reviews:

Reviews about the overall business:

Most of the time, good reviews are fairly vague. They usually consist of reviews saying things like “Love this place!” or “We had a great time!”. These types of reviews do not require a lengthy, thought-out response. Simply saying something like “Thanks for the review!” or “Hope to see you again soon!” will be sufficient to engage with the reviewer.

Reviews about staff:

These reviews are great because they offer more personal engagement. Sometimes, customers will specifically highlight staff members they feel went above and beyond. Respond to these reviews by letting them know that you passed their compliments on to the employee — and make sure you actually do it.
Telling employees about good reviews regarding their performance can be a great motivator. These are just a couple of the good reviews you might expect to come across. Again, these are pretty easy to respond to, so avoid overthinking what you say.

Garnering Good Reviews

You might also consider reaching out for reviews. An effective way to do this is to send out an email blast to your subscribers asking them if they would like to leave a review of their experience. The important thing to remember is not to overdo it by pestering the people on your mailing list with too many requests.

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