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Building a Baseball Field at Your Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities: Building a Better Baseball Field

Building a baseball field at your sports facilities can be a larger project than some people think. Many of the steps require knowledge in specific areas in order to do correctly. Getting the budget information, expert help, and planning your steps can help to make the process go smoothly. The steps below will help you to maintain and protect any new baseball fields at your sports facilities.

Plan Your Moves

Before you begin the construction process it is important to first understand a couple of factors regarding construction, maintenance, and use. First, deciding the size of your sports facilities and the subsequent size and quality of the field that you are striving for will allow you to find the right experts you need to get started. Second, deciding on how your field will be maintained and the time or money investment you are willing to put into maintenance can be key in making certain choices regarding field design. Lastly, how often is your field going to be used? Will there be steady wear and tear on your field and what kind of repairs can you reasonably expect?

Hire The Right Experts

After you have your answers and have set goals and budget you can begin looking for the right experts for your sports facilities. Depending on your quality goals you may need an athletic field specialist and turf manager, or a contractor that understands factors like fine grading. Other experts like a surveyor or project manager can be particularly helpful. These decisions depend on your sports facilities’ goals for your baseball field.

Start Soil Work

Generally, if you are planning a grass field it is a good idea to have this portion started as soon as possible. Many professionals recommend three growing seasons to establish your turf. There are things you can do to bypass that wait like sod installation or synthetic turfs, again depending on your maintenance goals and budget. Regardless, the sooner you begin soil work the sooner your sports facilities can have a finished baseball field. Discuss these goals with your athletic field specialist to establish your construction timeline.

Start Construction

After your soil and fielding surface are established you can begin work on field construction. Steps like roto-tilling to establish your dirt field and construction of dugouts and stands will be key to completing your project. You will want to finish with some of the details like establishing the pitcher’s mound, building your scoreboard, and installing fences.

Complete Your Sports Facilities Baseball Field

Completing your baseball field is a more complex overtaking than many at first expect. However, with help from the right experts, you will be prepared for any bumps in the road along the way. This is where Sports Facilities Advisory comes in. We have the experts and experience to make your project a reality. Contact one of our expert representatives today to take the first step of bringing a baseball field to your sports facilities.

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