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Adding Disc Golf to Your Sports Complex

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Why Disc Golf Could be the Perfect Addition to Your Sports Complex

A disc golf course could be the next successful venture for your sports complex. Not only is the sport economically efficient and environmentally friendly, but will also bring a diverse population of players to your complex. Sports Facilities Management has compiled a few reasons why you should build a disc golf course and some advice to consider when building a course at your sports complex.

Economically Efficient Addition to Your Sports Complex

One of the biggest draws to disc golf is the inexpensive nature of the sport. Building a course is very cost efficient and picking up the sport can cost as little as $5 for a disc. Installation costs are minimal, a nine-hole course can be as little as $3000 to build. Installation labor is fairly easy, requiring the installation of a tee, signs, and a tee box. Even tee box installation can be avoided by marking off the location and providing signage directing the golfers to the box. Unlike traditional golf, you do not need to have pristine open fields to set up disc golf. In fact, underutilized land with tree cover can be a positive aspect, allowing for a natural increase in difficulty. Many professional courses actually feature major tree coverage. Best of all maintenance costs for disc golf are minimal. The only maintenance includes occasional grass mowing or rarely trimming trees or bush branches.

Low Barrier to Entry

Disc golf differs from traditional golf in that investment costs for the player are extremely low. The cost of a few discs and you are very equipped to handle nearly any course. Most disc golf courses are inexpensive to play as well. Public park courses are generally free, and private courses generally have a low green fee. However, with the large influx of players that will visit a course, that small fee can add up to an easy, low-maintenance profit that is open all year long. All this while promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle in an environmentally friendly way.

Building a Disc Golf Course at Your Sports Complex

Firstly, the land requirements for a disc golf course are relatively low, considering the nature of the sport. A 9-hole course can fit on just a few acres of land. In addition, this land can be left completely natural, or “wild”. Many famous courses feature this rugged style of land that would prevent that land from being utilized in many other cases. Disc golf is a very flexible sport that can be played on nearly any type of terrain.
Next, you want to consider the safety of other pedestrians or car traffic. Discs can fly hundreds of feet and can do damage if they were to hit a person or property. Make sure to design your course with that in mind, avoiding busy traffic near tee baskets.
Consider the goals of your sports complex. Do you want it to be difficult enough to attract tournament level players? Are you interested in encouraging new players and families to your sports complex? Design holes with these goals in mind.
If you want a tournament-style course, create longer holes, with tee baskets near hazards or bodies of water. Encourage high risk-high reward tee box placements.
For beginner and family friendly courses, avoid areas with thick vegetation or water hazards to prevent the loss of discs. Minimize “blind” shots that dogleg to areas you cannot see from the tee box. Offer more open throws from the tee box to encourage success. Your only limit is your creativity and imagination. If you are lacking those, many experienced disc golfers would love the chance to help design a course at your sports complex. Enlist their help!

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