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Advantages/Disadvantages of Offering Racquetball in your Sports Complex

racquetball court in a sports complex

Add a Racquetball Court to Your Sports Complex

If you are thinking about building racquetball courts into your sports complex plans, you will want to do some research first to see if is the right decision based on your location, socio-economics of the area, and your clientele. The financial investment of having some facility planning research done will benefit you in the long run. By hiring an organization that specializes in planning and funding recreational services, you can be assured that you are making the right decision for you and your community in what you plan to offer in your recreation center or sports complex.

Feasibility Report for your Sports Facilities Planning

A feasibility report uses proven industry metrics to provide you with market and demographic details for your area, an idea of potential racquetball members, and an analysis on financial success.

Market Opportunity Report for your Sports Facilities Planning

By signing up for a Market Opportunity Report, you can also get a summary of local demographics and the socio-economics for your area. Also included will be sports participation rates, trends, insights on the sport industry in your area and an evaluation of existing sports complex competitors. This data can help guide your decision making on whether or not to include a racquetball option in your sports complex.

Advantages of Racquetball

Racquetball is a relatively new sport with its official debut in 1969. However, its players may be some of the most dedicated in the sporting world. Not only is racquetball fun and competitive, it is great for maintaining cardiovascular health and strengthening the body, since you use nearly all of the muscles in your body during a session.
It also requires quick and strategic thinking and increases the connections between the brain and muscle movements, improving mental clarity. It also stimulates stronger hand-eye coordination and eyesight.  These are all very strong drivers for making racquetball an attractive sport.

Disadvantages of Racquetball

The same intensity that creates so many health advantages can result in downsides as well. The quick moves required on the court increase your chance of injury, particularly head and eye injuries.

Should You Offer  Racquetball in your Sports Complex?

Obviously, the more venues you offer in your indoor sports complex, the broader your recognition and attraction will be in the community. Racquetball is one of those group sports that lends itself to competitive environments. By having tournaments, you can nurture a fun and competitive culture that you cannot get through individual sports. By doing your research with Feasibility and Market reports, you will be guided towards the right decision for your sports complex.

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