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Why A Multi-Purpose Center Makes More Money Than Others

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Four Reasons Why A Multi-Purpose Center Generates Better Revenue Than Other Facilities

A community center is a great asset for any town or community. They build community morale and involvement, give young people a safe place to hang out and exercise, and promote fitness in the community as a whole. And while this seems like a win-win for everybody involved, there is still just one hang-up: money.
Not only do you need development funding to build the community center, but you also have to maintain the facility. Which means that the facility will have to generate some sort of revenue throughout the year. In many cases, building a multi-purpose center will help you generate more revenue than a single-purpose facility. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory looks at four reasons why a multi-purpose center generates more revenue than other facilities.

1. Year-Round Activity

The one common struggle for facilities that are one-sport specific, or even community centers with facilities like outdoor pools that can only be used for a few months each year, is generating revenue in the offseason. Now, this is easier for some facilities. Take, for example, an indoor baseball facility. They might see more business during the winter when baseball season is over because players need a place to train indoors.
However, for outdoor baseball facilities or outdoor pools, they are only able to operate when the weather allows them to. With multi-purpose centers, that isn’t a problem, as they can maintain year-round activities and programming.

2. Better Programming

Another benefit of multi-purpose centers is their ability to have a more robust programming schedule. Most sport-specific facilities only have equipment and playing surfaces that work for a specific sport. Multi-purpose centers are able to offer more programming than those facilities because their space is able to host more sports and activities. These programs are good for the community, and they are also revenue generators.

3. Hyper-Versatility

To go with better programming, multi-purpose centers also offer hyper-versatility as opposed to other facilities because their space isn’t bogged down by one sport or activity. If you have a large gymnasium with retractable goals and slots for volleyball nets on the floor, you can do far more than just play basketball and volleyball. You can host summer programs for children, put together dodgeball tournaments, offer exercise programs for seniors, or host events and concerts. This helps you generate revenue by saving money.

4. Heightened Public Involvement

While the other factors are more practical, there is also an optics factor with multi-purpose facilities. Even if you have a baseball facility that offers some flexibility, you are less likely to have the general public involved with your facility. You are selling your facility as a baseball facility, so that’s what people will see. With a multi-purpose center, there is a better chance that the average citizen in your town will become involved.

Contact SFA For Help With Your Multi-Purpose Center

A community center is a great benefit for your community, but the doors will only stay open if the facility can make money. Building a multi-purpose center will help generate the necessary revenue. For more information on how SFA can help, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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