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What FF&E To Order for a Boxing Gym

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FF&E Needs for a Boxing Gym

A boxing gym is a great place to get an excellent workout and burn off some aggression. The beautiful part of boxing gyms is that they work for any fitness level, and members quickly acquire a love for the sport. One aspect of starting a boxing gym that is important to plan for is the equipment, or FF&E, necessary to run it. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss some of the necessary FF&E and what you should look for before you start shopping.

FF&E Every Boxing Gym Should Have

  • Boxing Gloves – Perhaps the most essential purchase for any boxing gym are quality gloves. Do not get bag gloves, as they are only made for punching bags and are not designed to stand up to a sparring session. Instead, you should look to obtain training gloves in a range of sizes from 8 oz gloves for youth boxers to 16 oz for anyone over 180 lbs. Try to avoid skimping on quality when shopping for gloves as cheaper training gloves are likely to wear down much quicker, costing you more in the long run.
  • Hand Wraps – Hand wraps are essential to wrist protection. While these are inexpensive it is still an important piece of equipment that any serious boxing gym will have.
  • Headgear – If you plan on offering live sparring sessions, headgear is required to prevent dangerous head injuries.
  • Boxing Rings –  An obvious FF&E investment for any serious boxing gym, rings can be one of your more expensive initial investments. Most gyms recommend having at least two rings available so your boxers aren’t constantly waiting for sparring time. Quality ring construction can cost up to $5,000, so make sure to factor this cost into your budget.
  • Heavy Bags – Heavy bags are a great way to improve cardio and strength and should be included in your FF&E budget. A quality heavy bag can be found for less than $100, so purchasing a few for your gym is a great investment.
  • Speed Bags – Speed bags are a great way to improve speed and hand-eye coordination. For less than $50 for a quality speed bag, you’ll recoup this investment in no time at your gym.
  • Accessories – It is generally a good idea to eventually invest in accessory workout equipment like jump ropes and free weights. Providing a well-rounded workout is key to standing out from the competition, so don’t hesitate to re-invest capital into your gym.

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