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Tips to Increase Revenue at your Sports Complex

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How to Increase Sports Complex Revenue

You have a successful sports complex, but you are looking for low-risk ways to increase revenue. There are some easy ways to bring in money while also creating programs to benefit your customers in the process. Try some of the following ideas.

Partner With Freelance Photographers

We all know that as parents there is great excitement in receiving the newest school/sports/candid photos of our growing kids. There is a huge market for youth sports photos, and if it would be too costly to hire a staff photographer you could easily partner with local freelance photographers. They wouldn’t need any additional space as they bring their own equipment, and anywhere in your recreation center can be a studio.

Host Training Programs

This would be especially beneficial if you already have conference or meeting room space in your sports complex. Hosting classes taught by the Red Cross, like CPR training, or any kinds of sports safety, first aid, or lifesaving training will bring in participants who need/want to get certified in such areas. You can also allow the public to rent out conference rooms for hosting various training programs.

Host Specialized Homeschool and Adult Classes

If your indoor sports complex has the space, hosting a physical education or sports program aimed at a specific group may benefit you. Homeschool children are still required to take physical education classes, and offering health classes or sports programs aimed at them may bring in new business.
It wouldn’t be difficult to find out the physical education requirements for homeschooled children in your state, and build a class or program around them. Parents would like the social and team building aspect of allowing their children to participate in a competitive sport. You can also offer exercise classes for adults who are looking for group motivation, like spinning, yoga, basic cardio, or classes aimed at elderly guests.

Add a Sports Simulator

A sports simulator is a machine that allows a customer to participate in a sport through a video game simulation, and often involves throwing or hitting the ball at a screen for points. Sports simulators are great for those seeking to try out a new sport, or for entertainment purposes, and so adding one to your sports complex can bring in a variety of customers.
Having a multi-sports simulator vs a single sport will appeal to a wider variety of people, and can be a fun addition if you already allow birthday parties or events at your sports facility.

Sports Facilities Management for your Sports Complex

While all of these tips can help boost revenue for your sports complex, seeking the help of Sports Facilities Management will ensure that your venue is running optimally at all times. Contact Sports Facilities Management today to see how we can improve your sports complex.

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