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The Future Is Here: Game-Changing Self-Sustaining Pools

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One of the biggest advancements in aquatics technology is as peaceful as a serene pond- on the surface. In recent years, the design and construction of self-sustaining pools has emerged as an option for homeowners, but the benefits are worth considering for aquatic centers as well. A self-sustaining pool or natural pool is one that requires little to no outside input to keep it clean and safe, reducing the need for expensive chemicals and water consumption. Plant life and microbes serve as natural filters, keeping water continuously clean and fresh. In this blog post, we’ll explore the game-changing benefits of self-sustaining pools and how they can revolutionize the aquatic center industry.

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Reduced Costs:

Self-sustaining pools use advanced filtration methods, including the use of bacteria and plant life to maintain water purity without the use of traditional chemicals. This leads to reduced chemical costs, water usage, and maintenance expenses. While the pools require a larger initial investment, they require less maintenance, allowing aquatic center managers to operate on significantly lower budgets, and freeing up resources for other areas of the facility, including staffing.

Sustainable Practices:

Self-sustaining pools can dramatically reduce water usage, as they require less water replacement than traditional pools. Additionally, the advanced filtration processes mean that the water is cleaner, reducing the need for frequent draining and refilling.

Improved Control:

With self-sustaining pools, aquatic center management has much greater control over water quality. The advanced filtration methods provide operators with the ability to better balance of chemicals and minerals, resulting in water that is safer and more comfortable for swimmers. This also reduces the need for labor-intensive water testing and adjustments.

Increased Attraction:

Self-sustaining pools are a unique and attractive feature that can help differentiate an aquatic center from competitors. With the growing emphasis on environmentally conscious practices and sustainability, self-sustaining pools are becoming increasingly popular among swimmers and aquatic center management alike.


Incorporating self-sustaining pools into facilities shows that your aquatic center management team understands and is adept at implementing the latest trends and technologies. This not only benefits the aquatic center in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency but also helps attract new customers who are looking for modern and innovative facilities.

As technology continues to advance, self-sustaining pools are becoming more accessible and affordable for aquatic centers. They offer numerous benefits, from cost savings and sustainability to improved water quality and customer attraction. At SFC, we recognize the important role that innovative technologies like self-sustaining pools can play in the aquatic center industry, and we offer a range of management services to help facilities optimize their operations. To learn more about our aquatic center management services, please contact us today.

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