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The Facility Planning Process


If you’re in the middle of facility planning, let Sports Facilities Advisory help.

Sports facilities can significantly enhance the quality of life in communities by encouraging participation through hosting activities and promoting health and well-being. However, planning a sports complex or recreation center is no easy task. At Sports Facility Advisory, we take your dream of opening a sports facility and turn it into reality with our facility planning process.

Facility Planning Steps

Pre-Feasibility: Feasibility Studies allow us to determine if the project is worth pursuing. We want to know if it is a realistic idea that will be profitable before going any further into the facility planning process.
Mission and Purpose: First, you need to ask yourself what your mission is and what your purpose is. They are two different things. Your mission is what you are going to do like “Build a recreation center.” Your purpose is why you are going to do it like “To enrich lives in my community.”
Vision and Goals: In this step of the facility planning process, you need to determine what your overall vision for the project is. Also, establish long-term goals you have for the business.
Program Requirements: This is where you will figure out how you are going to reach those goals. Your program requirements include a facility development timeline, facility management, your cash flow and profitability, and an overall business plan to follow.
Strategy and Financial Forecast: Finally, we take a look at potential funding strategies. We need to know where the funding will be coming from to make your project possible. The Sports Facilities Advisory facility planning process improves the likelihood that a project will ultimately achieve feasibility. That’s because we scale your project to the market demands and financing strategy, and we identify key business segments that can be analyzed to improve profitability.
This is just a basic overview of our facility planning process. All of this happens before any of the physical work on your project even begins. There are so many factors and details that go into opening a facility; it might seem overwhelming. That’s why Sports Facility Advisory and Sports Facility Management are here. We can take your thought of opening a sports complex or recreation center from the very beginning, even if all it is right now is an idea. We can guide you all the way to opening and managing a sports facility.
Give us a call, or fill out a contact information sheet on our website today; let’s get started!

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