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Staff Development: How to Foster Long Term Growth in Your Staff

Staff Development Training Session

Staff Development and Growing Your Company from Within

If a company has high employee turnover, there’s usually a good reason. Sure, sometimes it’s the nature of the industry they’re in, but most of the time the blame lies with the employer. High turnover means the employees are either unhappy, or they feel like their job doesn’t offer them any opportunity to move up. No one wants to be stuck at a dead-end. That’s why staff development is so important. Fostering the professional growth and skills of staff members will not only prevent you from having to hire new people every other week, it will give you valuable employees who can help your business for years to come. Today in the Sports Facilities Management blog, we discuss some things you can do to create staff development opportunities for your employees.

Give Employees Feedback, and Welcome the Same from Them

One of the most important things you can do for staff development is to give them feedback. If you think a staff member could be doing something better or more efficiently, let them know. The important thing is that you’re constructive with your criticism. Also, let your employees know that you’re always open to ideas to improve processes. The employees are in the trenches every day, interacting directly with customers. Chances are they have complaints, no matter how small, about how certain things are done. Having an open-door policy not only gives you the chance to improve your business, it shows your employees how much you value their opinions.

Give Your Employees Opportunity for Growth

Part of staff development is encouraging employees who show promise, especially if they’re interested in working for the company long-term. Employees who consistently show interest in furthering the scope of their responsibilities should be given the opportunity to do so. Giving an employee more responsibility doesn’t have to equate to an immediate promotion, but they should be rewarded for their additional effort. Show them that their path is leading somewhere and reassure them that they’ll be able to move up if they’re showing they have what it takes. Be forward with your employees about their room for growth. If there isn’t a spot open above their current position, don’t lead them on that they’ll be able to get that position right away. Give them realistic goals and timelines.

Offer Additional Training

If employees want to develop their abilities, then let them! Staff development requires you to give employees the opportunity to further their skills if they want to. Offering additional training programs or cross-training opportunities will give them more skills that they can continue to utilize throughout their tenure with the company.

Contact Sports Facilities Management about Staff Development

Staff development isn’t something you can just immediately grasp and implement. There’s a science to it and a lot of factors at play. That’s what Sports Facilities Management can do for you. We offer professional, high-quality facility management and staff development services that make sure your sports complex or facility is running at peak efficiency. Contact us today for more information.

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