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Sports Tourism Facilities: What is Tourna-cation?

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Understanding the Tourna-cation Trend in Sports Tourism

An emerging trend in sporting event tourism is “tourna-cation”. This refers to the common practice among families of athletes to schedule family vacations that coincide with athletic tournaments. Many families travel long distances to watch their athletic family members play in tournaments. Tourna-cation is great for your facility, great for the local economy, and great for families, so read on to learn more from Sports Facilities Advisory about the emerging trend of “tourna-cation”.

Benefits of Tourna-cation for Athletes and Families

While sporting events are lots of fun for athletes, the chance for families to come along and make a full vacation of it is a great benefit. With a little planning, you can make it easier for the whole family to join their athlete for a tourna-cation.
Plan sports tourism events on long weekends, such as Labor Day weekend, so it is easier for parents and kids to get time away from work and school. Offer helpful resources on your website, recommending convenient dining, lodging, and entertainment in the area. Make sure your staff is prepared for inquiries from event-goers, so you can provide excellent customer service before, during, and after the event.

Benefits of Tourna-cation for the Local Economy

When your sports tourism facility hosts a large event, athletes and audiences travel from miles around to come to your community and participate. This is great for your facility, but it is also great for the local economy in your community. From hotels to restaurants to theme parks, the huge influx of customers is a major boon for nearby businesses. It is important to work closely with local businesses before your next sports tourism event, so that they will be ready to make the most of the influx of customers.
Develop a strong network with local businesses and government officials. Your sports tourism event will benefit everyone in the community, with increased sales income for local businesses and increased tax revenue for your town. Accept the credit your facility deserves for your important role in the local economy by networking effectively with your community.

Make the Most of Your Sports Tourism Facility

Whether you are hosting major sporting events or little league baseball tournaments, you will want to make the most of every customer interaction. If you are unsure of the best way to identify customer trends and maximize your operations for revenue, reach out to the team at Sports Facilities Advisory.

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