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Sports Complex Safety: Indoor Climbing Walls

Sports complex and climbing wall safety

Safety Considerations for Your Sports Complex Indoor Climbing Wall

Indoor wall climbing is a popular feature of many sports complexes. If you own or have just opened a sports complex, and are considering adding an indoor climbing wall, there are a few important safety factors that you should consider before you spend the money on installation. As experienced consultants on facility management, Sports Facilities Management can offer some things you should consider.

The Right Staff

As with any specialist sport in your sports complex, you need to make sure that you hire or assign the right members of staff for your indoor climbing wall. Inexperienced or improperly trained staff manning the wall presents a potential liability if there is an accident or injury.
Consider hiring staff members specifically for the climbing wall. You can also have specific safety training for using the climbing wall, so that your existing staff understands the mechanics of indoor climbing, as well as the equipment and safety precautions involved. Climbing wall instructors and staff require specific certification, so take the potential cost of training into account.

Appropriate Safety Equipment

Like having appropriately trained and responsible staff, having the right safety equipment is an essential part of a climbing wall. Once again, if your facility does not have the right, up-to-date equipment, then a resulting injury will leave you liable.
You need to make sure that climbers in your sports complex are equipped with the right safety gear. Be ready to research industry guidelines on indoor climbing walls, and take note of the requirements you will be expected to meet.

Rules of Conduct for Staff and Users

Another risk to the safety of users, as well as to your staff, is potential misconduct. Whether employees or the public engage in unsafe activity when using an indoor climbing wall, you need to take action immediately.
When you are planning or opening your new climbing wall, make sure you have a clear, defined set of rules for both staff and climbers, posted for easy reading in your facility. Breaking these rules should mean disciplinary action for staff, and banning for users.

Differentiate Users

One of the benefits of adding an indoor climbing wall to your sports facility is that you potentially have a ready-made user base. Rock climbing enthusiasts are frequent users of indoor walls around the world, offering a good alternative when outdoor climbing is out of the question. But, not only will you have seasoned climbers interested, you will also likely see interest from novice climbers.
Consider holding defined sessions or classes, separating experienced climbers from those who are just starting, or younger children. This way, you will improve the safety of your facility, as well as offer the optimum environment for different sets of users.

Sports Complex Safety

As the owner or manager of a sports complex, the safety of your users needs to be your number one concern. Remember that indoor wall climbing has a lot of additional things to consider, beyond the brief overview we have given here. Industry regulations are strict, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. For more detailed guidance on installing an indoor climbing wall, or any other facility management questions, contact our sports facilities experts today.

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