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Sports Complex Ideas: Ecotourism Meets Sports Tourism

Mountain Biking at a Sports Complex

Rethink Your Sports Complex for Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as any activity that is ecologically sustainable and/or exposes tourists to a unique culture or society. Adventure sports, some of which are also considered extreme sports, draw many people to ecotourism. Hiking, rappelling, zip lining, kayaking, skiing, paragliding, and other similar sports lend a unique view of the environment to athletes and tourists. These sports continue to increase in popularity, and the average person continues to grow more and more ecologically conscious every day. Athletes and tourists can enjoy these eco-friendly adventure sports on their own, but a well-designed sports complex will encourage more people to try these sports and draw in seasoned adventure athletes.

Popular Ecotourism Sports

Though watersports and mountain sports tend to draw more publicity, almost all natural landscapes can support properly designed and researched ecotourism sports complexes. Many natural habitats make the choice of your sports complex an easy one. If you’re looking at a sports complex near a river or any other body of water, consider offering kayaking, wakeboarding, canoeing, snorkeling, or surfing. Include multiple outdoor options in one location by providing camping or hiking trails to and from the water.
Phenomena like zip lining, mountain biking, and ultra runs continue to grow in popularity. These sports allow athletes to interact with their environment in new and challenging ways without needing unique environments to do so. Seeing the forest from a bird’s angle and the awe of soaring through the air make ziplining an exhilarating experience. Of course, the environment over which your athletes glide will have an effect, but it’s the experience of most ecotourism sports that draw sports tourism from surrounding regions.

Strength, Confidence, & Ecotourism Sports

Ecotourism sports tend to focus on building confidence and cultivating perseverance. Group activities, such as canoeing and mountain climbing, build trust and grow confidence in relationships. Ecotourism sports complexes should not only offer a range of adventure activities but also emphasize this growth and achievement these activities bring. Recently, Sports Facilities Advisory teamed up with Empower Adventures to do just this. We helped the exciting zip line company with market feasibility studies, design consultation, administrative support services, and more for their newest location. The project grew into a successful venture, drawing in many guests from the Tampa Bay, Florida, area.

Ecotourism Sports Complexes with Sports Facilities Advisory

Sports Facilities Advisory helps you translate your sports complex ideas into reality. We perform feasibility studies and facility planning for our clients. If you want to get the most out of your sports facilities and sports complexes, contact Sports Facilities Advisory.

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