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Soccer Facility Planning & Management

Soccer Sports Complex Planning & Management

The most popular sport in the world, soccer, continues to increase in exposure and popularity in the United States. Popular primarily among teenagers, children, and millennials, soccer complexes have been springing up across the country. With proper planning and management a soccer sports complex creates a youth sports and recreation hub in a community and has a host of social and economic benefits for all.

Soccer Sports Complex Planning with SFA

Tremendously popular in the youth sports industry, many communities and developers are choosing to start dedicated soccer facilities or integrate them into larger, multi-sport complexes.. To maximize the impact of this great opportunity takes detailed research and thorough planning. The Sports Facilities Advisory has the right staff and experience in place to research and quantify your market. Using this market research analysis, our SFA team begins to translate your vision for the facility into a functioning business opportunity. Using the appropriate information for you project needs and user demographic, our team creates the reports necessary to move your project development from planning into funding.

Soccer Sports Complex Planning with SFA

If you already own sports facilities and wish to add a soccer sports complex, we can initiate an Existing Data Review. We carefully analyze your business plans, marketing strategy, finances, future program opportunities, pricing models, and other critical business data.

Business Development Planning & Strategy Sessions (BDPS)

Think of this as an opportunity to introduce us to your vision and to infect us with your passion. We meet, preferably in person, to discuss the mission, vision, and goals for your project. You elaborate on your ideas, current resources, planned program offerings, and your definitions of success. We, in turn, lead a discovery conversation to unearth in-depth ideas with probing, thoughtful questions and experienced-based solutions.

Market Oppourtunity Report

In the Market Opportunity Report, the Sports Facilities Advisory team analyses the target market, the demographic and socio-economic intricacies of that market, soccer participation rates in the community, and other trends pertaining to youth athletics and sports tourism. This report sums up and aids in the comprehension of the market factors at play in your target area.

Feasibility Report

Required for engaging financial institutions, a Feasibility Report provides a well-rounded overview and analysis of your project. This report is the culmination of your ideas, project feasibility, market opportunity, and the potential profitability of your facility planning into perspective for investors.

Feasibility Study

Similar to our Feasibility Report, the Feasibility Study gives you an even more detailed look at the research we performed. The study includes our methodology and background, the services you offer, all partnerships, a breakdown analysis of the market, a comparison to competitive facilities, financial projections for your soccer sports complex, and our recommendations based on these findings.

Pro Forma

In the Pro Forma, clients receive a five-year forecast of your soccer facility’s financial future. SFA recommendations, based on our research and expertise, on the amenities and programs you should offer and the price range of your sports complex additions. We include recommendations on the best financial structure for these improvements and a guide to the expenses you will incur and the revenue you will gain. We also give suggestions regarding your management structure.

Soccer Sports Facilities & Sports Facilities Management

Sports Facilities Advisory makes the process of soccer facility planning much less painful, and we work with you to sharpen, cultivate, and reach your ideals. Once we complete this process, the partnership can extend through the life of the facility. The Sports Facilities Management is the industry leading outsourced management solution for youth and amateur sports facilities across the country.

Sports Facilities Advisory and the Sports Facility Management work for you.

At the SF Companies, our mantra is ‘here to help’ and we mean it. Our care for your project is evident in the time and effort invested in every project that comes through our doors and the extraordinary results created for our clients. If you feel SFA and SFM might be able to assist you with your project, schedule your discovery call today. 

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