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Small Investments that Make Your Facility More Safe with SFM

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SFM: Small Investments that Have Big Safety Results

Client and customer safety is a primary focus of any sports facility. Luckily, there are many safety precautions that you can implement at your facility that require only a small investment while providing big value. While it is certainly true that designing your facility for safety requires an investment, there are certain features and small-time investments you can implement that will really pay off and make your facility safe for your visitors. Today, SFM will discuss some of these investments and how they can help to ensure your facility is safe.

Regularly Inspect Your Facility

Keeping a log of inspection dates and any problems you find is important not only for safety but also for your liability as an organization. Ensure that you or your employees regularly inspect your property for potential hazards. Things you can look for include frayed cables, rough edges on surfaces, loose bolts, and excessive wear and tear to your equipment. The SFM team can offer more information for facility best practices if you are unsure exactly what to look for.

Install Safety Padding

If you have active play at your facility, it is important to install safety padding on walls, scoring tables, bleachers, and any other item that could cause bodily injury. Safety padding is an inexpensive investment that can greatly reduce injuries during athletic competitions at your facility.

Provide Adequate Storage

One of the more overlooked ways in which athletes are injured occurs because of a lack of available storage. Inadequate storage will often lead to players leaving equipment on the sidelines and even in the field of play. These can be major hazards and lead to serious injuries. Provide carts or bags in easily accessible locations for balls or equipment that is not in use. Provide specially-designed transport carts for large equipment storage — and ensure your employees use safe lifting techniques and receive proper setup and teardown training for large equipment.

Monitor Equipment Age

While most commercially manufactured sports equipment is designed to last, sports facilities place a tremendous amount of stress on them with constant use. Make sure you and your employees regularly inspect equipment to ensure everything is in working order. Often, waiting to inspect equipment that is not in use is not enough to ensure it is operational. The SFM experts recommend checking the items by occasionally operating them the same way customers do.

Contact SFM for Sports Facility Best Practices

SFM has helped dozens of large-scale sports facilities reach levels of success that their owners only dreamed of. The SFM team is dedicated to assisting our clients and partners in the optimization of recreation and sports facilities across the nation. To learn more about the services SFM can offer, contact our team today at 727-474-3845.

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