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SFM: Annual Strategic Planning 101

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Annual Strategic Planning with Sports Facility Management

Annual strategic planning is an essential part of running any successful business. Businesses who are cognizant of their organizational goals are better able to set priorities, focus energy, and work together to execute their strategies. Today, Sports Facilities Management will discuss what strategic planning encompasses, how to create a plan, and how to successfully implement your plan going forward.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is a document that is used to communicate organizational goals to your team with actionable plans and an outline of any elements that are needed to help your team achieve those goals.
The idea is to help your team move from the vision statement to realized organizational improvement by following a guideline designed by your leadership team. Laying out an annual strategic plan allows you to update your goals and business plans regularly and aim for meaningful long-term goals.

How to Create Effective Strategic Plans

Start off by getting feedback and input from as many sources as you can. Important information that should be documented includes a recap of the previous year and goal completion, employee input, customer insight, industry data and forecasts, and budget considerations.
To create your plan, begin by analyzing the above information to gain an understanding of the internal and external elements that need to be developed. Next comes strategy formulation, in which high-level strategy is developed and a basic outline of organizational plans are developed.
Once finished with your strategic outline, it is time to create departmental plans to put your strategy into motion. Creation of specific actionable plans allows you to provide your team with a guide to success.
Lastly, is the evaluation and sustainment phase, in which immediate feedback from your action plans allows you to better refine the steps required. Factors like performance evaluation, company culture development, and data reporting occur at this stage. Once team members understand their role expectations, key performance indicators, and paths to success they can begin working on an implementation of your strategic plan.

Contact Sports Facilities Management for Your Strategic Planning

At Sports Facilities Management, we have a team of experts dedicated to helping your sports facility achieve success. Our team of industry leading operators has proven strategies to drive performance. Our work and reputation speak for themselves.
If you are interested in strategic planning for your company, contact Sports Facilities Management today. You can call our team at 727-474-3845. Or if you prefer, you can email the team at or fill out a contact request on the Sports Facilities Management website.

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