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Public Parks and Social Equity

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Public parks are a crucial resource for communities across the US. They are available to everyone, regardless of age, race, income, or physical and cognitive ability. There are many social benefits of accessible public parks that should not be overlooked. Providing a place for recreational opportunities and open, natural space benefits the entire community. To help understand the role that public parks play in social equity, our expert team will discuss the benefits and importance of parks and recreation.

The Benefits of Public Parks to Communities

Public parks provide enjoyment and opportunities to interact with nature regardless of any sort of limitation. Residents who engage with nature enjoy an improvement in mental and physical health. Studies have shown that residents who spend time outdoors have a reduced rate of chronic disease, which is especially important for vulnerable sections of the population such as children and the elderly.

In addition, public parks offer families and friends a place to enjoy quality social time in a relaxing, fun environment. This time together strengthens familial and social bonds in the community, improving life balance and satisfaction.

Studies have shown a measurable decrease in crime rates in communities that feature public parks and space for recreation. Communities that offer healthy activities and programs in an affordable space are simply safer than those that do not.

Social Equity and Parks

Why is social equity important when we begin to talk about public parks? The idea began with President Teddy Roosevelt. President Roosevelt established and expanded national parks across the country – making them more accessible. We understand they are incredibly beneficial to everyone, but unfortunately some disadvantaged communities do not have the same access to public parks, in terms of both quantity and quality.

SFA & SFM Can Help Develop the Public Park Your Community Needs

In many communities, the impetus to develop and fund a public park lies in the hands of elected officials or community leaders. However, many are unsure where to begin. That is where Sports Facilities Advisory can help. Our team is the most experienced recreation development team in the country. We have helped communities all across the US plan, fund, and manage recreation facilities and public parks. If you believe your community could benefit from a fun, safe, and accessible public park, contact the SFA team today. Call one of our experts at (727) 474-3845 and we will guide you through the entire process.

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