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Promoting Staff Development With A High Turnover Rate

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How To Promote Staff Development With A High Turnover Rate

For any business or company, staff development is crucial for the continued success of your operation. Even with a strong vision and reliable upper-level staff, running any business with a high turnover rate is unsustainable. This is particularly true of community centers and sports facilities, where customer health and safety requires a team of skilled and experienced staff.
When dealing with part-time workers and high staff turnover, developing your staff can be difficult. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Management will give some staff development tips for facilities with a high turnover rate.

Establish a System

The most important aspect of staff development, especially in a context with a lot of potential turnover, is to establish a development system. The energy it takes to train and trust new staff members can be overwhelming when turnover is high. Create a structured system for each position, with formalized training and expectations. Having a system makes it easier to train your staff with clear goals and expectations, so that you can focus on the big picture.

Invest In Your People

If you have a large number of part-time employees at your facility, high turnover rates are inevitable. Whether it is high school students moving on to college or teenagers working seasonal jobs, there is going to be a natural amount of turnover. Even if an employee will be moving on before long, investing in their training is still crucial. With a structured training system in place, you can still invest in training your staff without spending more time and money than necessary.
It can be easy to disconnect with your staff when you know that the turnover rate is high, but your return on investment will be higher if you invest in your team with a structured training system.

Don’t Get Discouraged

It is never easy to lose staff members, especially when they are hard workers and valuable members of your team. However, when you lose staff members like that, it is usually because your staff development process is working. As your staff moves on to bigger and better things, don’t be discouraged. Continue to invest in your employees and work at developing the next wave of staff members.

Contact Sports Facilities Management For More Staff Development Tips

Staff development takes effort and can be time-consuming. If you need tips on how to best go about developing your staff, give Sports Facilities Management a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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