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Post-Workout Amenities to Offer at Your Sports Complex

Sports Complex Post-Workout

Sports Complex Amenities: Recovery and Post-Workout

After a hard workout, people want to recover and relax. Adding some post-workout and recovery amenities to your sports complex can greatly increase guest satisfaction. It also is a way you can drive revenue. More amenities mean guests will be ok with paying more for membership dues. It also means they’ll want to stay at your sports complex for longer periods of time. The right post-workout and recovery amenities can really bring your facility to the next level. Today in the Sports Facilities Management blog we’ll talk about some of these amenities.

A Pool

First, we’ll look at pools, since they’re common sports complex amenities anyway. Pools can be a leisure activity for guests, a way to cool down and relax after a workout, or a place where they can swim laps as their workouts. The versatility of pools lets them function as more than just a recovery amenity. You can also add a hot tub for guests to relax in. The high-temperature water relaxes muscles, making for the perfect post-workout recovery. Pools and hot tubs also are big attractions for people who are considering joining your sports complex.

A Sauna

Saunas are a huge plus for many people. Guests will enjoy having a relaxing and invigorating steam after their workout. Saunas help ease sore muscles and help to eliminate toxins. Also, they don’t take up a significant amount of room, so they’re not extremely complicated to implement into an already existing facility.

A Smoothie and Snack Bar

Offering recovery smoothies and healthy snacks will definitely increase guest satisfaction. Best of all, it can also increase revenue for you. Guests don’t typically expect smoothies and food to be included in their membership fees, so offering these options means more money for the sports complex.

Other Luxury Amenities

Pools, saunas, and smoothie bars have almost become expected amenities in gyms that require membership fees. Because of this, sometimes it’s a good idea to consider some even more luxurious amenities. Things such as massages, ice baths, and designer shampoos and soaps in the showers are sure to entice a whole new demographic. Just make sure you know what people in your area are looking for, or you risk alienating people or going out of their price range.

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