Improving communities through sport

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Improving Communities Through Sports

Sport changes lives and can be used to revitalize and improve communities. Study after study demonstrates that active children are healthy children. Participation in sport and physical activity reduces obesity and associated disease, improves academic performance, and dramatically reduces teenage pregnancy, smoking, and risky behavior. For many communities, and to our own team here at SFA & SFM, sport has a greater meaning. 

The ability to change lives starts with a plan. The plan to start a new community recreation center. The plan to improve local business and economy through sports tourism. The plan to optimize existing parks and recreation assets. More than 1,500 communities know The plan starts here.

Take the first step

We’re privileged to say we hosted over 20,000,000 visitors in our managed facilities last year alone.

To us, that means we’ve had the opportunity to help provide a safe place to play and compete for kids and families across the country. In that same time, we’ve also had the pleasure of assisting more than 120 communities in the planning and financing of new sports, events, and recreation facilities.

Our commitment to kids and communities is woven into the fabric of our businesses. One way we honor that commitment is by investing time, energy, and finances into the Aspen Institute’s Project Play.

We share the belief that all kids deserve the opportunity to be active through sport, regardless of zip code or ability. In 2017, we were delighted to accept an invitation to support Project Play 2020’s initiative to help solve the problem of early-sport specialization. This group of industry leaders including NBC® Sports, Nike®, Dick’s Sporting Goods®, SFIA®, and the U.S. Olympic Committee is unified by the goal of increasing sport sampling and multi-sport participation.

Our influence extends across our entire SFA and SFM portfolios.

Because we interact with projects in every stage of development, from planning to management, we are able to create change from the ground up. Our strategy and planning support goes beyond bottom line dollars; we are also forecasting the health and economic benefits of new facilities in a community. We are planning free and reduced-price options for local families who may otherwise not be able to afford recreation and fitness programs for their family.

You are the difference maker.

For every project, there is a champion who understands the incredible social, economical, and physical opportunities of sports in communities large and small. This person acts as a catalyst and holds the vision for the project. It only takes one person to start the process of changing lives.

Take the first step

Whether you’re interested in starting the plan for a new sports, recreation, or events center in your community or want to discover the possibilities of expanding the use of your existing community assets – we’re here to help. The first step is an email or phone call away.

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