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Park Design: What Is Your Community Looking for in a Park?

Designing a park

If you are planning to build a new park, you have to consider what designs and features will appeal to the members of your community. Parks can bring a lot of benefit to the community, but they must offer something that people want. In this SFA SFM article, we’ll talk about tailoring your new park to the needs of your community.

Seek Input

Once you have approval from the city to start a park project, you’ll enter the planning phase. At this point, deciding on the design and features of the park will be one of your biggest priorities. One great way to find out what your community wants out of a park is simple — just ask them.


Whether you conduct a survey or host a community meeting, asking members of your community what they want in a park is key to the park’s success. This will help you gather valuable information and ideas about your park design. It also shows your community that you value their input and their role in the success of the park.

What Is Your Community Lacking in Parks and Recreation?

If your community doesn’t have much in the way of parks, simply providing a green space where they can socialize and be active as a community will fulfill an important need. However, if there are other parks in the area, what can your new park provide that the other parks cannot?


Maybe there is an area that doesn’t have nearby parks. Maybe other parks do not offer features for families with children, like playgrounds or basketball courts. Remember, you are not creating a park that competes with the other parks, you are creating a park that complements the other parks. Try to identify gaps in the current parks system, so you can address unmet needs and provide the most value to your community.

Look at the Demographics

Of course, doing a market research study is always an effective way to get data that you can analyze and base decisions on. If your community has a significant amount of senior citizens, having some easy walking trails and plenty of benches can be a major benefit and make them more likely to visit the park.


If you have a lot of families in the area, make sure you have enough play spaces and fun things to do at the park to entice them to come. By getting an idea of who makes up your community, you can get an idea of what they would want.

Contact SFA SFM

If you are looking to expand parks and recreation in your town or city, contact SFA SFM. We can help guide you in creating the perfect park and park facilities for your community. From concept to build, you can always trust SFA SFM.

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