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Oddest Fitness Trends Found in Sports Facilities

Not All Sports Facilities Trends Are As Popular as Spinning

Most Sports Facilities Luckily Don’t See These Odd Fitness Trends

When you manage sports facilities, you have to make a lot of decisions that can drastically improve or hurt your business. One of the most important responsibilities of a sports facilities management team is to wisely choose which sports trends and fads to engage with and which to avoid. Some trends evaporate so quickly that they will never pay for the renovations and equipment needed to implement them. Other trends turn into popular fitness concepts for years and even affect traditional fitness programs. Sports facilities management is about finding the gems and discarding all those trends that die off in a year or so.

Strange Fitness Trends

Every few years – or, sometimes, months – a new fitness trend appears out of nowhere and promises to help people lose weight easily and quickly. Many people want to lose weight or get healthy, and they obviously want the quickest and easiest solution. Some of these trends stick around and others fail.


Perhaps the most out-there form of exercise ever invented, prancercise teaches participants how to move in a way that emulates a horse’s gait. Students of this exercise fad are encouraged to move in a rhythmic way and to be “ideally induced by elation.” Not only does this fitness routine present the logistical nightmare of bringing a horse into sports facilities but it also has little appeal to any image conscious athlete.

Treadmill Bike

Although this trend could never work in a sports facility anyway, this fad failed fairly quickly. They are difficult to ride, offer few gears, and are slower than your average bicycle. Though the idea of combining two popular workout routines seemed like a good idea, this fad quickly faded.


It’s difficult to say what will happen with SoulCycle, but this strange fitness trend has found a niche. This unique form of spinning continues to attract celebrities and suburban moms alike. SoulCycle combines stationary cycling to a new level by implementing elements of yoga. Despite some finding it overwhelming and some considering it lacking in benefits, the business continues to do well in certain areas of the country.

The Shake Weight

Quite possibly the most controversial or most laughed at fitness trend of all time, the shake weight sold millions of units to people looking to lose weight and gain muscle. Any sports facilities that invested in shake weights for their weight room soon found them unused.

Rely on an Experienced Sports Facilities Management Team

Not all trends are obviously going to fail or going to be a sensation. It takes an experienced Sports Facilities Management team to perform feasibility studies and analyze previous trends to accurately predict what trends are best for a sports complex. Contact Sports Facilities Management today to get started with a team that can help you make the right decisions.

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