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Marketing Your Sports Facility with Camps

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Marketing Your Sports Facility with Camps

Successful sports facility managers don’t rely solely on mailers, billboards, or their online marketing strategy. A key component of a sports facility is community interaction. Getting out and interacting with the community is an excellent way of showing your future clients what your business is all about. There are a number of ways your sports facility can do this, but one of the most effective ways is athletic camps and youth camps. In this article, the SFM team will discuss a few tips you can use to get out there and market to your community with sports camps.

Get Outside Your Usual Market

The number one mistake sports facilities make with athletic camps is focusing on markets within a short commute to their facility. While you certainly don’t want to ignore these areas, one of the big benefits of a youth camp is accessing communities that are less likely to visit your facility by chance. A big event like an athletic camp has the potential to bring in people from small, rural towns that may not have access to big sports facilities. These are potential markets that a camp can open for your business, ensuring the success of your event and spreading your brand into new territory.

Establish Relationships with These Markets

While large sports camps with hundreds of athletes are lucrative, smaller events can also be great for business. Smaller towns in surrounding markets can make excellent locations for smaller, affordable skills clinics. This is an incredible way to establish relationships with these untapped markets. Once you have established your brand in these areas, smaller skill clinics can be a big draw at a low cost for your facility.
If you have the resources, consider offering transportation for athletes in surrounding markets when you hold large sports camps at your facility. The cost of transportation will be recouped in additional camp fees and increased market share for your brand.

The Most Important Element is Quality

Putting lots of effort into spreading your brand in untapped markets will do you no good if your actual camps are sub-par. Showcase the features that make your business unique. Whether that means advanced training technology, expert athletic staff, or cutting-edge training techniques, show off what makes your facility and your product the best in the area.

Contact SFM Today

If you aren’t certain that your product is already the best in your area, you may just be missing the right partnership to get you there. The team at Sports Facility Management has partnered with dozens of sports facilities to reach a level of success they never would have imagined. Contact our team today to learn what SFM can do for your business.

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