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Marketing Towards Small Scale Sports Tourism Events

Small Crowd for Sports Tourism Event

Small Scale Sports Tourism Events You Should Market For

Most people know that large-scale sports tourism events are great opportunities for your company to attract business in a big way. However, these events are highly competitive as every business is going to be targeting these sports tourists. Despite the competition, there is often enough new customers to go around. However, in many cases, businesses only focus on bigger sporting events like NFL games or PGA Tournaments. There are so many opportunities and benefits to attracting sports tourism clientele outside of these headline events, you are only hurting your business by not planning for them. Today SFM wants to provide some examples of smaller sports tourism events that you should be marketing for.

Small Sports Tourism Events

Find recurring events in your area. Something like a disc golf tournament that happens at a local neighborhood park can bring a surprising amount of people into your area, and happen with more regularity than you would think. Building a brand rapport with these sports tourism guests can pay big dividends down the road.
Say your business is based in Dallas, TX. You could try to market at the Dallas Derby Devil’s flat track roller derby events. This roller derby league is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and has regular events between April and September. Building a brand with these fans can help to bring people who would maybe have never heard of your business. Sports tourism does not have to be grabbing onto scraps or spending untold amounts of money to get Super Bowl tourists to your business. Sometimes cornering a niche market like women’s roller derby fans can pay off for much less of an investment.
Sometimes lesser known events can have much bigger crowds than you may expect. Just because no one at your office has heard of it doesn’t mean that they won’t attract large crowds. Some of these events can draw thousands:
If your business is in the Florida area, April 2018 will bring the World Sport Stacking Championships to Orlando. While sport stacking will not bring in Super Bowl numbers it will certainly attract a large amount of tourists. Sports tourism does not depend on nationwide interests. Having a smaller but dedicated following that will travel to an area near you is all that’s important.
The key to benefitting from sports tourism is finding relevant events in your area and marketing your business to their needs. If you have a sports complex maybe target a traveling AAU basketball team to come practice at your facility. Once a relationship is established you have the possibility of a repeat customer.

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