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Is Sports Complex Optimization and Outsource Management Right for your Facility?


Guest post written by Cameron Connelly, Content & Research Coordinator, The Sports Facilities Companies. 

After completing the long and arduous process of designing and constructing a sports facility, there are still several hurdles to jump over to make sure that the facility meets its definition of success. Even if everything is going well, sometimes the growth that comes with success can be what halts your progress. To ensure that your facility can meet its goals in the present and exceed them in the future, consider either optimizing operations or utilizing outsource management. These processes can increase your resources and/or increase the effectiveness of the resources that you already possess.

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Sports Complex Optimization Study

Sports Complex optimization helps existing venues improve facility function, overcome operational challenges, and better utilize marketing and business development opportunities. At SFC, the process normally takes about 4-6 weeks to complete, and involves a comprehensive review of the facility’s financials, plans, policies, and an in-depth facility tour, all done by a team of operational advisors. Once the review process is completed, we will provide you with a Performance Optimization Plan that will supply your operating team with a guide to follow to improve facility performance as well as guidance on the organizational structure, operational leadership, marketing & business development, technology systems, the physical facility, guest experience, and bookkeeping/reporting. The goal of this offering is to provide you with all the information needed to improve your facility with your current resources.

Outsource Management for Sports and Recreation Facilities

Outsourcing sports facility management can be beneficial for nearly every venue type, no matter the size or stage of development. The ideal time to make the decision to outsource would be 12-18 months prior to the grand opening of the facility, but it is still possible to switch to outsource management after the building has opened. Businesses choose to outsource venue management to produce results, reduce risk, and innovate their approach without having to exhaust the time and money required to build a top-quality management team from the ground up. Specifically, by outsourcing daily facility operations, you receive expert-level guidance in areas that drive revenue and improve guest experience such as innovative programming, retail, and food and beverage.

The greatest sports teams in the world are built on shared knowledge and constant improvement. Our team of experts at the Sports Facilities Companies has the experience and knowledge to make any sports facility a great one, so if you interested in improving your facility, and the communities it serves, then contact us today at 727-474-3845.

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