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Between the planning, funding, design, and operations of an indoor sports complex, there are hundreds of details that, if missed, can leave your vision at the starting line. Having a partner by your side with experience working in communities throughout the country can be the key to unlocking the potential of an indoor sports complex for your community. 

An expert team of indoor sports complex builders can:

Develop a sports complex business plan: A team with experience in all facets of sports facility development can craft a sports business plan that delivers crucial details to attract funding, provide third-party credibility, and gather community support for the project.

Lead facility design and construction: An indoor sports complex building team understands how these venues should operate and they work with design and construction teams to ensure that the facilities are built for optimal use.

You’re Ultimate Partner 

Choosing to go it alone is an option, but the strength of a partnership can make all the difference. For over two decades, the experts at Sports Facilities Companies have collaborated with communities nationwide to create top-tier sports venues. As your dedicated partner, we’ll expertly navigate you through every step and stage of sports complex development.

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What can an indoor sports complex do for your community?

The thud of a basketball hitting the hardwood. The slap of a hockey stick hitting the puck. The pwock of a paddle hitting the pickleball. These are sounds of activity and engagement that take place at indoor sports complexes around the country. Whether your vision is to bring millions of visitors per year to your community through tournaments or to provide a world of health benefits for your residents, an indoor sports complex is a tremendous way to do both- regardless of the weather.

Our expert team has helped more than 2,000 communities plan and develop their sports, recreation, and event projects. We’ve done this by combining our expertise in all phases of facility development and access to industry-leading data with a wealth of experience operating some of the nation’s top venues. Contact us today!

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