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Improving the Security of Sports Facilities

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How to Improve the Security of Sports Facilities

The safety and security of guests should be a top priority for any sports facility. The ways and means of protecting fitness facilities are constantly changing thanks to technological advances and risk management methods. Keep up with the latest in sports facility safety and security as we discuss how best to improve your facilities security measures.

Attend Federal Training Programs

One of the most important things you can do if you run a sports facility is to ensure you and your managers receive the proper training to identify safety and security risks. There are numerous free federal training programs offered by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security designed to train facility managers on risk management scenarios. Provide your team with the training they need, and they will be able to identify problems and create strategies to address them.

Design with Safety in Mind

When designing sports facilities, it is important to think about key areas that are a security risk. Designing a primary entrance controlled by a check-in point can help to prevent unauthorized access to your patrons or their belongings.
According to the findings of the Institute of Building Sciences (IBS), locker rooms are the area most at risk of security issues in most sports facilities. The locker room is the ideal location for thieves, with everyone’s personal items stored in an area without security cameras. In order to combat this risk, sports facilities have begun requiring ID-cards to enter locker rooms. A number of facilities have also opted for storage lockers that can be monitored by video cameras and security teams.
Design your facility with open space and security in mind. Remove clutter that obstructs the view of your employees and security cameras. Keep your staff trained and alert for these risks, and you can drastically reduce the risk of security mishaps.

Invest in Relevant Technology

Technology can play a tremendous role in keeping sports facilities safe. For example, chip technology has equipped 24-hour gyms with the ability to prevent unauthorized access to their facilities. Improved security cameras help security teams to better monitor the activity of their facilities. While investing in these technologies may be expensive, it improves your guest’s safety and reduces your facilities liability risk.

Contact Sports Facilities Management

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