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Ideas for Your Sports Complex: Offering Adult Leagues

Men play basketball at a sports complex in an adult league

Adult Leagues to Offer at your Sports Complex

Adult sport leagues are an increasingly popular way for people to exercise, socialize, and get involved in their community. Offering adult sport leagues is also a great way to attract newcomers to your sports complex. Some people may be interested in socializing, while others may be interested in trying out a new sport or picking up a sport they played when they were young. To cater to people of different interests and backgrounds, offer a wide variety of sport leagues that can be played throughout the year. Some leagues may cater to exercise and others may cater to socializing and relaxing. Sports Facilities Management provides some recommendations for adult sports leagues to offer at your sports complex.

Traditional Sports

Traditional sports leagues attract adults who are interested intensive exercising and picking up a sport they played when they were younger. Such sports include volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, and tennis. Most traditional sports can be offered outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall, while some sports, like basketball and soccer, can be offered indoors in the winter.

Relaxing, Social Sports

Relaxing sports cater to people who are interested in socializing and meeting new people, but are less interested in intensive exercise. Slow-pitch softball and kickball can be played outdoors, while others, such as darts, table tennis, and cornhole, can be enjoyed indoors throughout the year. Offering these low-intensity sports leagues will make your sports complex a great place to socialize throughout the year.

Unique Sports

Some adults may be interested in trying out a new, unique sport they have never played before. By offering unique sports, such as roller derby, ultimate frisbee, sand volleyball, and water polo, you are sure to attract new visitors to your sports complex.

Additional Tips for Adult Sports Leagues at Your Sports Complex

When offering adult sports leagues at your sports complex, cater to as many people as possible. Offer many leagues for different ages and genders. Some sports like slow-pitch softball, sand volleyball, and kickball work well for mixed-gender leagues while other sports like flag-football, roller derby, and basketball work well for separate men and women’s leagues. Additionally, plan practices and games for weekday evenings after working hours.
Sports Facilities Management specializes in developing sports complexes before they open, assisting in facilities planning, staff recruitment, and program development. If you are interested in opening a new sports complex or developing new programs and sports leagues, contact Sports Facilities Management today!

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