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How to Create a High-Energy Atmosphere at Your Recreation Center

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How to Create a High-Energy Atmosphere at Your Recreation Center

Creating a high-energy atmosphere at your recreation center is one of the best ways to keep guests coming back. How you go about designing, decorating, and managing your facility has far-reaching impacts on the perception and performance of your recreation center. In this article, the SFM team will discuss how you can create an exciting, dynamic recreation center to keep your members excited to visit.

Ensure You Don’t Overcrowd Your Recreation Center

Perhaps the most frequently cited issue in recreation centers and health clubs is overcrowding. It’s hard to feel energetic and active in an overcrowded space filled with other athletes. While some decisions regarding space can’t be changed after construction is complete, design decisions can impact how the space feels and flows for members. Allow plenty of room between weights and machines, ensure locker room are well laid out, and eliminate unnecessary FF&E that is cluttering member areas.

Be Smart with Lighting

Many recreation centers skimp on their lighting quality, resulting in overly bright fluorescent lighting that is harsh to the eyes. Instead, take advantage of soft accent lights or even colored lighting. Give your recreation center personality without being overbearing and you’ll reap the results.

Encourage Your Employees to Be High Energy

No matter how fun your recreation center is for members, your staff may still view it as just another boring workplace. However, high-energy staff that enjoy their work are an important part of creating the right environment for members. During the hiring process, remember to keep energy level in mind when making your decision. You want to hire upbeat, outgoing staff members who will be comfortable interacting with visitors and returning guests. Create a fun environment and your staff will follow suit.

Properly Manage Negativity

An employee who brings negative energy into your recreation center is going to drag your other employees and customers down. Daily life can be difficult, so it’s unrealistic to expect every employee to be completely positive every day. However, if you notice an employee who always seems to be in a negative mindset, communicate with them to help them with their problems.  Offer support, and make it clear that a big part of their job is leaving problems at the front door and being personable to customers.

Contact SFM for Recreation Center Management Support

The SFM team has helped dozens of sports facilities and recreation centers reach levels of success that they only dreamed of before contacting us. If your recreation center is missing that special spark to really fuel your success, call our team today at 727-474-3845 today.

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