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How a Community Health Assessment Can Help Your Sports Complex

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Community Health Assessment Improving a Sports Complex

If you are finding your sports complex stagnating or your memberships dwindling, it may be time to introduce new activities, amenities, or even change your focus or branding. An effective way to find out what is worth adding or developing is by a community health assessment. What is a community health assessment? How can the results be used to adapt your sports complex to what the people in your market area really want? Sports Facilities Management’s team explains in this blog.

What is a Community Health Assessment?

A community health assessment is a study conducted to determine the health needs and specific issues in a particular area. The information in the assessment generally pertains to the health status of the population in that area. Not only does it include the current general health, but it is also used to identify key issues that need to be tackled, such as high levels of obesity.
In order to be a reliable source of good information, a number of requirements are expected to be met in a properly conducted study: a number of data sources, demographic information about the population, specific health issues and their causes, how they are addressed, among others. The assessment is generally done as the initial part of an overall plan to improve the health of a community.

Who Conducts a Community Health Assessment?

Community health assessments are conducted by nonprofit hospitals every three years, as currently required by the Affordable Care Act. Depending on how the hospital conducts the study in their area, they may also be conducted with the involvement of public health departments, social services, stakeholders and other key local entities.

What You Can Find Out

How can this benefit your sports complex? As a provider of amenities geared towards physical activity and fitness, you can use the results of a study like this to your advantage. Depending on where you are based, you should be able to access recent health assessments that have been carried out through local hospitals. Many include assessments, along with plan implementations on their website.
This information can be a great source to find out what might be lacking in terms of fitness or lifestyle amenities in your community, giving you the opportunity to fill a gap in the market. You can also contact hospitals that have conducted, are currently conducting, or are preparing to get involved in an assessment and be a part of improving health in your local area.

Contact Sports Facilities Management for More Advice

This is just one potential option for your sports complex when it comes to revamping what you can offer. For more ideas and how to implement them, talk to the team at Sports Facilities Management today.

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