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Here Are Some FF&E Tips For Arcade Gaming

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FF&E Tips For Arcade Gaming

Most community centers are focused around a gymnasium or a swimming pool, but a great attraction to add to your center or facility is an arcade. If you don’t want to install a full arcade, putting in a few arcade games in a lobby area or recreational space can also be a good way to keep young people involved at your center.
While most people don’t think of arcade games when they think of FF&E, these pieces take up a decent chunk of space and will affect the aesthetic of your facility. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will give some FF&E tips for the arcade games at your facility.

Finding The Right Location

The odds are that you aren’t looking to incorporate an entire arcade into your community center. Most community centers with arcade games only have a small selection of games, if any. If you are looking to install a few arcade games without devoting an entire room to those games, deciding where you put those games will be important.
Most community centers have several recreational rooms that would work nicely. Some community centers have recreational rooms solely devoted to games like pool or ping pong, which is a perfect place to put your arcade games.

Finding The Right Games

When you spend money on FF&E, you want to spend it on fixtures that will be well used and that are worth your money. The same goes for arcade games. If you are only purchasing a few gaming systems, you will want to put in the necessary research into which game is best. Factors for this decision include what games your community will most likely enjoy playing, as well as finding a machine that will last the longest.
If you have a younger audience, you will probably want to go for a younger game. Similarly, if you are appealing to an older audience through nostalgia, you will want to make sure that the Pac Man or Space Invaders machine you buy is fully functional.

Contact SFA For FF&E Help

If you are developing a new community or recreation center, adding arcade games is a great way to increase community involvement and generate some extra revenue. If you need help developing your facility or need assistance with FF&E needs at your facility, feel free to call SFA at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online.

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