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Fitness Classes to Offer at Your Sports Complex

Sports Complex Fitness Classes

Different Types of Fitness Classes You Can Have at Your Sports Complex

Guests love when their sports complex is able to offer them alternative ways to work out. That’s why it’s a great idea to implement fitness classes in your sports complex. Guests will be more interested in your sports complex and be willing to pay more for the fitness classes. You can integrate the classes into your membership pricing structure or you can even charge for the classes individually, which would allow guests who aren’t interested in membership be patrons of your facility. So what kind of fitness classes should you implement? Today Sports Facilities Management looks at some of the most popular options in our blog.


By far one of the most well-known and popular fitness classes available is yoga. This fitness form focuses on stretching and breathing exercises. Yoga has gained immense popularity in the Unites States over the past few decades and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Many people pay a good amount of money for a yoga membership, so they could find a lot of value in buying a membership to your sports complex if you have a membership plan that includes yoga in the price. Another huge benefit of offering yoga is the fact that you’ll only need to provide a room for it and a qualified instructor. The only equipment needed is a yoga mat, which guests will bring themselves.


Pilates is another fitness class that has taken the fitness industry by storm, and it’s as popular as ever. Pilates also focuses on flexibility but is a bit more intensive than yoga since it is geared more towards strengthening yourself physically, where yoga focuses on both physical and mental aspects. For Pilates, you’ll need to provide the necessary space for guests, a certified instructor, and a piece of equipment called a Pilates Reformer. Again, the overhead for offering these classes can be easily outweighed by getting enough members.

Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing isn’t a new fitness form, but it has risen in the public eye over the past few years, and it looks like it’s popularity will only continue to rise. This fitness class allows participants to engage in an exercise that uses kickboxing principles and forms. This exciting form of fitness appeals to guests who are looking for a fitness class that is out of the norm and that they can have fun at while they workout. The appeal of these classes for guests is undeniable. If you offer these classes in your sports complex, you’ll need a designated space, a certified instructor, and possibly some training equipment such as punching bags.

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Sports Facilities Management knows what it takes to run a successful sports complex. When you work with the knowledgeable team at Sports Facilities Management you’ll be consulted by the best in the industry. Let us help you bring your sports complex to the next level. Contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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