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What FF&E Will I Need for a Rec Center Pool?

FF&E That You Will Need For Your Recreation Center Pool

FF&E at a recreation center swimming pool.
For recreational pools, especially outdoor pools, the need for furniture, fixtures, and other equipment isn’t always vital. Most of your customers will be spending their time in the pool and not sitting in your chairs or playing card games on your tables.
However, every recreational pool still has FF&E needs, and while they might be easy to handle, that doesn’t make them any less important. Your energy should go into making your pool more enjoyable for your customers, and in many cases, FF&E is a major part of making that happen. In today’s post, SFM will look at the FF&E that you need for your rec center pool.

Beach Chairs

This is the most common piece of furniture that any rec pool will have and it is also the most important one. For every person you have swimming in your pool, you will likely have one there to sunbathe. Towels are great for the beach, but lying out on concrete isn’t great — even with a towel. Your customers will appreciate a good set of beach chairs.
The key for beach chairs is making sure that you have enough of them. You can only have so many, but you also don’t want your customers scrambling to find a chair because you only have a few. These are cheap, although we would recommend investing in higher quality chairs. Again, your customers will thank you later.

Picnic Style Tables

Many recreational pools have picnic tables. If they don’t, then they will likely have families packing a lunch or snacks for when they spend the day at the pool. A great way to prevent potential messes is to provide proper tables. It is also good practice to keep your tables as far away from the actual pool as is reasonable so that you don’t have food and drinks being spilled into the pool itself.
Similar to beach chairs, these are pretty cheap FF&E elements, but cheap tables won’t last nearly as long as buying quality tables.

Pool Amenities

Lastly, we have the exciting pool amenities. These include slides, diving boards, and even obstacles for the kiddy pool. Everybody loves to swim and people will utilize your pool even if you don’t offer these things, but having a big slide or a good diving board will make your pool even more appealing from an FF&E standpoint. If you are in a bigger town, you will also likely be competing with other pools for swimmers, so having the best slides and diving boards will help you get a leg up on the competition.

Contact SFM For FF&E Help

FF&E isn’t something that most pool managers care that much about. It isn’t what will make your pool successful, but it is necessary to keep your pool functional. For more information on FF&E solutions, give us a call today at (727) 483-7910 or contact us online.

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