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FF&E: How Updated Does It Need to Be?

How New Does my FF&E Need to Be?

New FF&E in Rec Center
FF&E isn’t typically a long-term investment. Sure you want your furniture and equipment to last you awhile, but eventually they’ll need to be replaced. If not, they’ll become outdated or they won’t work as well. You have to make sure your guests are still getting the great facility that they’re paying for, so you can’t let this happen. That being said, how updated and new does your FF&E really need to be? Today in the Sports Facilities Advisory blog, we’ll discuss this further.

Do I Need to Get the Newest and Best FF&E?

When you’re getting FF&E for your recreation center, you want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. But that doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive, high-tech equipment they offer. Unless you’re directly marketing your facility as having the best high-end equipment and charging membership prices that reflect this, you can get equipment that is closer to the middle tier.
People appreciate bells and whistles when they’re working out, but they’re not entirely necessary. For instance, you could get a treadmill that has a TV screen, a phone charger, and bluetooth capabilities, or you could just get one that has the basic functionalities. Chances are guests would be impressed by the former, but it wouldn’t be the reason they joined your recreation center. You should always consider your budget and your demographics when deciding on FF&E.

Know When to Upgrade

The other thing you can’t do with your FF&E is hold on to it for too long. FF&E are meant to be replaced, so don’t be afraid to do so when it’s time. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of them, but if they seem outdated, you don’t want your guests to think you’re skimping on quality just to save money. Plus, there’s always an influx of interest when guests notice that equipment is being replaced for newer models. Knowing when to upgrade is just as important as picking the right items in the first place.

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If you’re planning on opening a recreation center or making upgrades to an existing one, make sure you have an industry leader by your side. Sports Facilities Advisory has the experience and proven track record of success to help your recreation center reach the next level. Our services are comprehensive, from running feasibility studies to helping choose the right FF&E and much more. For more information and to speak with a member of the Sports Facilities Advisory team, contact us today.  

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