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Features that Guests are Willing to Pay Extra for in a Sports Complex

Sports Complex Features Guests are Willing to Pay More For

Sports Complex Features
In a previous blog, we discussed the merits of having a membership tier structure implemented in your pricing model. Offering membership tiers is a great idea for a sports complex, but only if it’s justified for guests to be paying extra for the upgraded tiers. With that in mind, what kind of things can you offer that would make guests want to pay more? Today in the Sports Facilities Advisory blog, we seek to answer that question.

Offer Fitness Classes

Offering fitness classes at your sports complex helps to drive profits on several levels. For one, you can include access to fitness classes in your higher tiered membership. But, you can also allow members who only have a basic membership to attend them for a one-time fee. This lets basic members pick and choose when they want to attend classes, and they may like them enough that they find upgrading their membership would be cheaper than paying for them one at a time.

Offer Tanning Services

Tanning services are another feature that guests are willing to pay more for. The convenience of having your tanning facility and your gym in the same place is often appreciated. Guests won’t have a problem paying extra for tanning if they’d have to be paying for sessions at another tanning place anyway.

Offer Fitness Advisement

If you have personal trainers employed at your sports complex, offering their services as part of a higher tiered membership package is something that could definitely drive profits. In higher membership tiers, you don’t even necessarily have to offer the full services of your personal trainers. Including things like a free fitness assessment or free nutrition plan is enough to entice members to upgrade to the next level.

Offer Discounts On Other Sports Complex Features

If you have a snack bar, smoothie bar, or supplement store in your sports complex, you can offer discounts to people who have higher membership tiers. If they can find the value in all the other perks, as well as find value in having discounts on their supplements and smoothies, it may be enough to push them to bring their membership to the next tier.

Consult the Experts in the Sports Complex Industry

Sports Facilities Advisory has extensive experience and expertise in the sports complex industry. If you’re looking to open a sports complex or improve and existing one, Sports Facilities Advisory can help. For more information on our services and to find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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