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How Feasibility Studies Attribute to Facility Planning


Feasibility Studies Mean Smart Facility Planning

A sports facility can bring a lot of value to a community. Besides encouraging an active lifestyle, a sports complex can generate revenue for an area through things like sports tourism. If you have an idea for a new recreation center, it can be difficult to know exactly how to start the facility planning process or if it will even be a success in a long run. Feasibility studies by Sports Facilities Advisory are a great way to start the journey of creating and maintaining a new sports facility.

What Are Feasibility Studies?

Simply put, a feasibility study is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an analysis to see how possible (or feasible) it is for an idea or service to be successful. Feasibility studies examine everything from initial cost to the value that can be obtained from the service.
A feasibility study analyzes everything to measure the potential success of your sports facility. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we do significant research into every aspect of your idea. We look into the financial and cultural background of the location where you want to create the new sports complex and see if there were similar projects in that area.
We, at Sports Facilities Advisory, perform detailed marketing research in our feasibility studies to understand the value of the services and products you want to offer, and we list any laws and regulations that you will have to meet. On the financial side, a feasibility study analyzes the cost to start and maintain any facilities over time.

The Value to Facility Planning

Feasibility studies are an extremely important aspect of facility planning. Jumping into an idea without any prior research typically results in disappointing failure. A feasibility study helps to determine the possibility of overall success for your sports complex before you invest significant amounts of your time and money.
Sports Facility Advisory feasibility studies strive to be as objective as possible and show you a realistic idea of your success. This helps you make an informed decision about your new sports complex and gives you time to adjust your plan before fully investing in a recreation center. Feasibility studies are also an excellent basis for your business plan to guide the rest of your facility planning. Comprehensive research and development gives your idea the best chance for success.
If you have an idea for a new sports complex, let us help you start your planning off on the right foot. Our comprehensive feasibility studies will provide a realistic idea of your potential success. Contact Sports Facility Advisory today for more information about our feasibility studies and the other services we offer for your facility planning needs.

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