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Facility Planning For Multi-Purpose Centers

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Facility Planning Tips For Multi-Purpose Centers

Facility planning is always a difficult matter. However, when you are dealing with a multi-purpose center it can get even more complicated. Multi-purpose centers have many moving parts and purposes, and when it comes to facility planning, that can cause issues. Whether it’s problems with scheduling, FF&E or finding the right staff, a multi-purpose center presents some unique challenges. Today, Sports Facilities Advisory will give you some facility planning tips for your multi-purpose center.

Find The Right Software

The best way to make facility planning easy when you are planning for a multi-purpose center is to find the right software. Scheduling for a multi-purpose center is not only time consuming, but it will inevitably become confusing as programs and activities begin to overlap. Having the right scheduling software will take a lot of that weight off of your shoulders. It will also make your facility more efficient and much less prone to staffing and scheduling errors. Finding the right software for your multi-purpose facility will make a huge difference.

Find The Right Staff

Another critical aspect of facility planning for a multi-purpose center is your staff. You won’t be able to plan and maintain your facility on your own. Having a staff that is invested in the mission and purpose of the facility is vital to success. You will want staff members that have experience with the various services your facility has to offer, especially with multi-purpose centers. You need staff that are able to succeed where others struggle.  

Find The Right Programs

Arguably the biggest mistake made by multi-purpose facilities and their facility planning is to schedule too many programs or programs that don’t interest your community. While it is important for a multi-purpose facility to schedule different activities and sports as your facility allows, you don’t want to go overboard. If you overschedule your facility or create programs that aren’t compelling to the community, it often results in low-quality programs, wasted time, and excessive expenses.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For Facility Planning Tips

Facility planning is always tricky, but it is even trickier with multi-purpose facilities. For more information or tips on this topic, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online for more information.

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