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Facility Management: Hosting Summer Camp

Facility Management: Hosting Summer Camps at Your Facility

Facility Management - Hosting a Summer Camp
If you plan to host your own summer camp, there are quite a few steps to ensure the camp’s success. Most summer camps at sports facilities are day-time programs, which don’t require you to provide boarding for the attendees. That eliminates some of the more complex requirements of a camp, but there are still many important facility management steps to plan for. Things like transportation, meals, and coaches all need to be accounted for. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss some steps you should take to prepare for your summer camp.

Pick a Theme

Most summer camps will have some sort of theme or niche to differentiate their programs from the rest. If your sports facility is built around basketball courts, you may want to market your camp as a training camp. Other themes could include swimming, rock climbing, or art camps. Depending on the amenities at your facility, you can tailor your camp to your niche. Theme is key to branding and marketing.

A Camp is Only as Good as its Staff

Your staff is the face of your camp. These are the people who will be interacting with your campers and their parents. While it is important that your staff are familiar with your activities, their ability to service your customers is the most important. One of the most crucial aspects of successful camp facility management is your ability to recruit and train a successful team. Partnering with an experienced facility management team like SFM will give you the competitive advantage you need to attract talented employees.

The Details are the Difference

Too many new summer camps make the mistake of not adequately planning for the small details. Whether it is alternative meal options, complete scheduling, or transportation options, not planning for the details can leave your team scrambling to accommodate your campers. A professional facility management team will allow you to tap into the expert knowledge of people who have hosted camps and have experience with these details.

Looking for an Experienced Facility Management Team?

Sports Facility Management has helped hundreds of sports-related businesses move from concept to reality. Our robust team of experts can help you plan for all the details that will differentiate your Summer camp from the competition. If you are serious about hosting a successful camp, contact SFM today. You can call us at (727) 877-1791. If you prefer you can also send us an email at

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