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Facility Management: What Should I Ask?

Facility management and questions to ask

What Should I Ask A Facility Management Professional?

When it comes to seeking guidance for facility management — whether you are about to embark on a new project, or looking to revamp your current recreation center — Sports Facilities Management is here to help.
While we have the experience to help you with every step of the facility management process, there are some key questions that you should ask. These are avenues that are important to explore, especially if you are still in the planning stages of building or buying a new sports facility or sports complex.
These questions will help to establish a solid foundation that you can build your entire facility management philosophy upon with the help of Sports Facilities Management.

How Do I Decide What to Offer?

One of the first questions you should ask is how to decide what your sports facility or recreation center should offer. Either way, there is a long list of different amenities that can be included, from staples such as swimming pools and tennis courts to more recreation-oriented activities like video game arcades or bowling alleys.
The available activities you choose will dictate not only how much you spend and how you develop the physical location, but also the image you will want to put out when you market your new complex. Is your facility more focused on sport and fitness? Is it more about fun and recreation? Is it a larger mix of both? This will all influence the image you put out.

How Do I Identify My Target Demographics?

Part of identifying what your sports complex should offer is identifying the demographics of the area. Finding out the demographics of the area will help you decide on which amenities will be the most profitable for you, and what the people of that community feel is missing.
For example, an area that is near an elementary school would benefit from a focus on fun activities, as well as fitness, while a facility close to a college campus would be better suited to a more intensive focus on fitness. Asking this question of a facility management consultant will help you focus, and they can help you formulate the best way to find out this information.

How and When Should I Reassess?

You might not have even laid the first brick of your new building yet, or you may be fast approaching opening day, but it is still important to know when to look again at your performance.
Your Sports Facilities Management guide will help you decide how long you should wait to reassess the performance and popularity of your location, and what to do with the information on how your complex is doing once you have it. Reassessing your performance is a vital part of good management in any industry. It will help you avoid becoming stagnant and missing out on new trends and potential customers.

Facility Management Foresight

When setting out to revamp, rebuild or reassess your facility management style, these questions are just a few you should ask. While our blog frequently offers general advice and guidance, contacting Sports Facilities Management is the best way to secure the best in management consultancy. For more in depth information on facility planning and management, contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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