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Developing a Surfing and Aquatic Sports Facility

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Developing a Surfing and Aquatic Sports Facility

Many people may not think of surfing when they think of sports facilities. Usually, when we envision a sports complex we imagine half a dozen baseball fields and soccer fields capable of hosting tournaments. However, surfing is a successful sport, with an annual exponential growth of 2 to 3 million surfers worldwide. Today, the expert team at Sports Facilities Advisory will discuss a few reasons why a surfing and aquatic sports facility may be the ideal addition to your community.

Natural Surfing Locations are Increasingly Saturated

With the growth of surfing comes the problem of a lack of available surfing space. More and more natural surf locations are becoming increasingly crowded as new surfers take to the waves. Surf schools simply cannot keep up with this increase in demand. As a result, new aquatic sports facilities opened recently show incredible success and offer a unique experience for guests.

Surfing Facilities are Not Location Specific

While surfing is obviously more popular in coastal areas, where more amateurs get an opportunity to try the sport, surfing facilities in the midland United States can also be extremely popular. Not only that but unlike artificial snow facilities, artificial wave pools can actually perform better than real waves. Outside of offering more consistent waves, wave pools can be designed to have waves occur at specific intervals, allowing surfers to spend more time active than waiting on the next swell.

Early Adopters Can Corner the Market

Despite the incredible popularity of surfing, as of the time of this blog post, there are only a few artificial wave surf facilities in the United States. The reality of the market demand means that keen-eyed entrepreneurs are going to build surf facilities. Whether or not you are an early adopter or a late-comer could make all the difference in your facility’s success. Not only can you attract amateurs in your area, but professional surfers and teams are always looking for the newest and greatest training facilities to call home.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory Today

If you think a surfing facility could be your next business venture, contact the experts at SFA today. We have helped to develop dozens of successful sports facilities across the nation. Our vast wealth of experience and knowledge can be the difference in your facility’s success or failure. Contact our team today to discuss your future surf facility.

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