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Designing a Recreation Center Around Rock Climbing

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Why Your Recreation Center Should Focus on Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has become a major player in the recreation world. With membership number growing every day, now is the perfect time to start a rock climbing recreation center. Climbers are paying big bucks to get a full-body workout from the convenience and controlled environment of an indoor climbing wall. The best part is you can start a climbing-focused recreation center anywhere, because no longer do you need to be located in a rocky environment to provide adventurists with an exciting climbing experience. Today, SFA will discuss why you should start a rock climbing recreation center and what steps are needed to get started.

Why a Rock Climbing Recreation Center?

The simple answer is supply and demand. More and more people are looking to get healthy in 2018 and rock climbing is an exciting sport to do it. The sport is easy to get started but difficult to master, and most people who give it a try become hooked quickly. At the same time, there are relatively few climbing gyms in most areas. This is in part because startup costs can be prohibitive for those looking to start their own climbing recreation center. The building requirements are relatively high, literally and figuratively. Professionals recommend at least 3,000 square feet and at least 20 feet of open height. In addition, constructing a safe, challenging climb generally requires the work of a professional team. Luckily, if you are reading this, you have learned about Sports Facility Advisory. We have a proven record of getting recreation centers and sports facilities funding and profitable.

How to Start a Climbing Gym

  • Find an appropriately sized building, at least 3,000 square feet and at least 20 feet high, though a taller building opens up opportunities for expansion.
  • Hire a contractor to design and build your walls, prefabricated panels can also be purchased.
  • Stock belay and climbing gear, both for rentals and to sell.
  • Hire and train your staff. Make sure they are trained in climbing as well as first aid.
  • Obtain insurance.
  • Advertise and market your new climbing recreation center.

These are the basic steps, obviously, so you can expect there to be additional processes to open a successful climbing gym, like obtaining permits depending on municipal requirements. A feasibility study by a sports facilities expert like SFA can help to iron out all the specifics. You will likely want to decide what other activities you may want to offer. Many climbing recreation centers also offer yoga classes or aerial silk classes as they pair very well with a rock climbing clientele.

Contact SFA to Learn More

If you are interested in starting your own rock climbing recreation center, SFA has the experts and knowledge needed to get your business from the planning stages to opening day. We offer market research, feasibility studies, financial forecasting, and much more. Contact SFA today at 1.727.483.7910 to learn more!

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