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How to Design a Sports Complex That is Focused on Winter Sports

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Designing a Sports Complex Focused on Winter Sports

The ‘post-Olympic bump’ is an idea we have spoken about before. After the Olympics, many people tend to try to get involved in sports that they have recently been exposed to for the first time. With the Winter Olympics having recently wrapped up, many potential sports complex investors are looking to design facilities focused on winter sports. Today, SFA will discuss some tips for designing a winter sports complex, so you can reap the rewards of a renewed interest in winter sports.

Multi-Purpose Center Versus Specialized Sports Complex

When designing a potential sports complex, it is important to decide what kind of recreations you are wanting to offer to visitors. There are two mindsets you can adopt when deciding on a design, and either can be successful. Many potential businesses like to offer a multitude of sports. For instance, say you design a winter sports complex in the mountains and want to offer skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating. This facility could offer multiple runs with varying difficulties, enclosed ramps or half pipes, free-skate rinks, and racing rinks. This could absolutely be a successful facility that may focus on vacation tourism and offering amenities for long-time stays.
Another completely viable business model is to design a rink that focuses exclusively on hockey and figure skating training. Maybe training packages for organizations are where the vast majority of your revenue would come from. When done right this can be just as successful as the previous example. Factoring potential costs-versus-income in a feasibility study may find that one business plan could work better for you. The important thing is that you tailor your business plan around what you envision for your sports complex.

Decide Which Sports You Want to Offer and Differentiate Your Facility

One way to differentiate your sports complex from competitors is by offering sports that other facilities do not. Especially as a new sports complex looking to establish itself in a community, it is important that you offer opportunities that others are not equipped to handle. If you establish your sports complex as the premier place to train for ski jumping you will attract visitors from all over instead of just your local community. If you are interested in hockey, perhaps you can offer amenities that others do not have. Maybe your sports complex offers the best wearable technologies that allow your athletes to get real-time feedback on performance and fitness levels. One of the great advantages of designing a new sports facility is that you have the ability to implement new technologies that older facilities are incapable of.

Interested in Designing a Sports Complex?

Sports Facility Advisory has helped hundreds of potential business owners realize their dream of starting their own sports complex. We will be with you from the first step on, and we even offer management services to help you run your complex. Whatever you need to make your sports complex idea a reality, SFA can help. Contact us today to discuss your idea at 727-483-7910.

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