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Creating a Rowing Themed Sports Complex

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Developing a Sports Complex Dedicated to Rowing

For many sports complexes, their business model is focused on finding a niche instead of appealing to the largest group of potential visitors. Choosing the sport for your particular facility is one of the most important ways to do this. While a basketball sports complex will likely face major competition for patrons, a smaller, less popular sport can easily dominate their area with the right marketing. Rowing is one of the sports that, although practiced by a much smaller group of athletes, will likely attract a much more dedicated clientele. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss how a rowing sports complex may be the ideal choice for your next business, and what kind of facility you’ll need to appeal to serious rowers.

Rowing Sports Complex Amenities

One of the major benefits of a rowing complex is that there are only a few mandatory amenities needed for even the most high-quality facility. Some of the features that are mandatory include:

  • Storage space and racks for boats
  • Transportation or a direct connection to a local waterway.
  • Locker rooms, changing rooms, and showers
  • An area for fitness and training. This should include a multitude of rowing machines with adjustable levels and intensity.

There are also some optional amenities that a more advanced sports complex may want to include.

  • Dynamic Propulsion Rowing Tank – This is an indoor tank that allows for true-to-life rowing conditions with moving water and/or rowing stations. Many facilities will include recording and camera devices at the water level so teams can analyze and improve their athletes’ rowing technique.
  • A dedicated weight room, allowing athletes to develop a more well rounded physical base from which they can improve their ability to row.
  • Sports medicine and hydrotherapy rooms for recovery. This can include features like hot and cold tubs to improve rehabilitation efforts or cryotherapy for muscle recovery.

Why Rowing?

It is always a good idea to get into a growing market at the beginning. The fact is, despite its long history, rowing is a growing sport. Between 2006 and 2016, rowing club memberships have increased by over 110%. Many young athletes have begun to see rowing as an avenue to get scholarships at prestigious universities. As such, the sport has seen a spike in popularity as young athletes begin to experience the thrill of races and camaraderie built within a rowing team. For a sports complex owner looking to penetrate a growing market, rowing could be an ideal choice.

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